To help you provide the best possible service to your clients and maximise the revenues and profitability available from the website marketplace, we provide access to a range of additional services.

These “outsourced” services include:

Base Site Setup

This involves the creation of a working website based on a design supplied by you. The deliverable includes setup of the design plus the menu and page structure. The site is then handed back to you, so that you can complete the website build using the content management platform.

Build Only

In this case you supply the design and we create the entire website including setup of the design, menu, pages and content.

Partial Builds

This service is aimed at businesses without an internal graphic design resource. We would create the design based on the brief supplied. The design would be setup along with the menu and page structure. At this point the website is handed back to you, so that you can complete the website build using the content management platform.

Full Builds

As the name implies a full build is where we would design and build the entire website on your behalf.

Module Customisation

The Flexiweb “Custom Code” module allows bespoke module layout to be created and applied to individual websites. For example your client may need a slightly different image gallery layout, or a different page layout within an online store.

This feature provides even greater flexibility and allows the needs of individual clients to be catered for easily.

Database Development / Integration

There are many situations where there is a need to integrate an existing 3rd party database with a “front-end” website. To cater for this Flexiweb includes a “Back-Office” module that allows the user the ability to access the database application’s administration screens.

Developer Support 

We also provide assistance with small scale scripting requirements which might be needed to support special rollover or navigational effects. These are quoted for on an ad hoc basis.
In addition to quotations for scripting work we also provide email or telephone advice to assist with any technical questions you might have.

Website Services

We provide a range of website support services including:

•    Professional hosting
•    Website backup and restore
•    Domain name management
•    POP3 Email setup and support
•    Website update service
•    Copy writing and editing
•    Search engine optimisation
•    Google Adword campaigns

Please contact us for further details of our website support services.

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