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The European planemaker says no-deal Brexit would force it to reconsider its investments in the UK.

The European Union has gone ahead with retaliatory duties against $2.8bn worth of US-made products.

The Church of England's 2010 abuse inquiry "narrowed down" the scale of abuse, a report finds.

How did the 20-year-old's death impact his community?

The police report suggests the safety operator was streaming The Voice just before a fatal collision.

Westminster Abbey event to celebrate the Caribbean migrants who helped rebuild post-war Britain.

"He left us a final gift," the rapper's mother says, days after his murder in Florida.

The first lady's spokeswoman says "there was no hidden message" in her sartorial choice.

A 38-year-old man on the tracks claiming he had a bomb has been detained by police.

A campaigner who called for the right to a gender-neutral passport has lost a High Court challenge

An Indian chess champion has pulled out of a tournament in Iran over the country's compulsory headscarf rule.

Kate Spade's father, "heartbroken" over her death, dies a day before the designer is laid to rest.

Malin Andersson - who was on the show with Sophie Gradon - says people don't see the downside to reality TV.

As a trade war becomes an increasing risk, how do governments use tariffs in international commerce?

Argentina captain Lionel Messi carries the burden of 44 million people - and it seemed to show against Croatia in Thursday's World Cup match.

Friday's front pages carry a variety of stories about the shape of the UK after it leaves the EU.

Women are being abused and killed by their partners, but the authorities are struggling to tackle the problem.

7 days quiz: It's the weekly news quiz - have you been paying attention to what's been going on in the world over the past seven days?

After a Met Office warning about unusually high pollen levels, here are some top tips for sufferers.

Bill Speakman was 24 years old when he was given the Victoria Cross for valour during the Korean War.

Turkey's president seeks re-election on 24 June and Kurdish voters may play an important part in determining his future.

Jacinda Ardern and the late Benazir Bhutto are the only leaders to have given birth in office.

Live coverage of the day's politics from Westminster.

How city centres once abandoned by residents became the UK's most desirable areas to live.

Some listeners aren't happy with changes to Radio 2 Drivetime with Jo Whiley and Simon Mayo.

Unilever has taken a stand against 'influencers' who buy social media followers to game the system.

The Great Exhibition of the North, billed as "the country's biggest event in 2018", opens on Friday.

In India's desert state of Rajasthan, rural women are training as solar entrepreneurs, to bring power to those living off grid.

Taxi drivers are not allowed to say no to guide dogs, but that doesn't stop them.

It is a far more grounded and philosophical Danny Cipriani who will start at fly-half for England for the first time in a decade on Saturday, writes Chris Jones.

Argentina goalkeeper Willy Caballero gifts Croatia the lead as his awful mistake puts his side on course for a 3-0 defeat and to the brink of World Cup elimination.

Argentina's Word Cup squad is the "worst in their history" and not even "the best player in the world" can make them competitive, says Ossie Ardiles.

Jason Roy's century inspires England, who go 4-0 up in their five-match ODI series against Australia at Chester-le-Street.

Three people tell their stories about coming to the UK on the Windrush.

A first-generation Windrush migrant describes his journey from Jamaica to the UK in 1948.

Rhea Bailey, who played Caz in Coronation Street, finds out more about her family's Windrush history.

How a World War Two soldier returned to England on the Windrush and was reunited with the love of his life.

The Empire Windrush ship arrived in England on 21 June 1948 carrying hundreds of passengers from the Caribbean, among others. What do we know about them?

Migrants from the Caribbean were temporarily housed in underground tunnels. Now the public can visit them too.

England winger Raheem Sterling says he no longer worries about the media "picking on him" because of his "bling" lifestyle.

Watch all the best action and funnies from day eight of the World Cup as Croatia crush Argentina and France send Peru home.

Who should start for England in Sunday's World Cup match against Panama? Pick your XI with the BBC squad selector.

Spain’s World Cup winner Cesc Fabregas on the pressure you face after losing your opening game, and why the big names have not shone in Russia so far - even Cristiano Ronaldo.

Meet Justin Carr - the man who helps Dele Alli, Kyle Walker and Danny Welbeck look their best for the World Cup.

The Brazilian player's fans explain why he's been off his game so far at the World Cup.

Is the 2018 World Cup set to see a record number of spot-kicks awarded, with the addition of VAR technology at the tournament?

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