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The charity has for the first time published a 2011 report on sexual misconduct claims in Haiti.

Young survivors of Wednesday's school massacre demand it be a "turning point" on gun control.

The prime minister launches review amid "serious concerns" about university costs in England.

Most guests at the Bafta Film Awards wear black to support the Time's Up and Me Too campaigns.

Was a deep sea mining boom inspired by a 1970s CIA plot?

MP Frank Field will probe pension schemes amid reports that Sir Philip Green wants to sell his empire.

MPs say there is a "disconnect" between what shareholders and ex-directors say about the unfolding crisis.

The big Bafta winner this year, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri took home five awards.

At least £2.1bn worth of old £10 notes need to be spent or exchanged before they cease to be legal tender.

It is believed the man slipped in icy conditions before falling from Clogwyn Coch.

The writer told paramedics to move and she did not care if "the whole street had collapsed".

The designs will include the characters Peter Rabbit, Flopsy Bunny and Mrs Tittlemouse.

Monday's papers cover the obesity crisis, Oxfam scandal and black dresses worn at last night's Baftas.

In the remote mountains of northern Ethiopia, a lone priest scales a 250m cliff each day to reach his church.

The legacy of the virus which spread through three West African countries.

From the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements to the films they made, the stars had a lot to say.

Hoards of Norse invaders march on the coast to send their leader flaming into Valhalla.

Thierry Millet is possibly Europe’s last remaining artisanal umbrella repair man.

He's running the UK's first business for space mining.

After waking from a coma following a brain injury, Peter was forced to grieve all over again.

BBC coverage of latest developments

Two men describe the difficulties they experienced when they took their wife's last name.

Their wedding in 1901 remains the only known same-sex marriage in the church's history, the BBC's James Badcock reports.

Home ownership among young people has plummeted. What protections do UK tenants have and what responsibilities do they face?

Grit and determination, as well as snakes and dragons, helped Maria Hatzistefanis become a business success.

Actor and comedian Jack Whitehall on how he's preparing for British music's biggest presenting gig.

Movements run by school students are spreading rapidly online in wake of the Florida attack.

Since 2011, all children in Armenia from six to eight years old have compulsory chess lessons - and some now are very good indeed.

Hugh Schofield has a weird and charming day in a wine region and asks questions about Brexit.

Three non-disabled women discuss the ins and outs of their relationships

Steve Davies' dramatic injury-time equaliser earns League One Rochdale an FA Cup fifth-round replay against Tottenham.

Watch the quirkier moments from the fifth round of the FA Cup, including mind-games from Willian, some home truths from Martin Keown and getting carried away with Alexis Sanchez.

A Brazilian football match is abandoned after 10 players are sent off in the second half.

Watch the best moments from day nine of Pyeongchang 2018, including James Woods' bid for ski slopestyle silverware and the thrill of the aerials.

The 'squiggly line' image shown by broadcasters was not used to disallow a Manchester United goal at Huddersfield, Hawkeye says.

Holders Manchester City need extra time to beat Birmingham City and reach the Women's FA Cup quarter-finals.

Great Britain need one more medal to reach their greatest tally at a Winter Olympics - but who could take them to that magic mark?

Fellow athletes, fans and commentators react as Great Britain's women's curling team lose to Sweden amid hogline controversy.

Britain's Elise Christie is in a "fight against time" to be fit for her final Winter Olympic medal chance and "won't be at her optimum" if she does race.

Watch highlights from the men's ski slopestyle as Great Britain's James Woods agonisingly misses out on a medal as Norway's Oystein Braaten wins gold.

A Russian athlete is suspected of breaking anti-doping rules at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang.

Lizzy Yarnold is to consider her future after becoming the first Briton to defend a Winter Olympic title.

BBC Sport's commentary team of John Jackson, Amy Williams and John Hunt react as Great Britain's Lizzy Yarnold and Laura Deas Olympics skeleton medals are confirmed.

Watch the best action from the men's aerials qualification as GB's Lloyd Wallace fails to make Sunday's finals at the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang.

Ester Ledecka is a snowboard world champion, but now she is a skiing gold medallist after a shock victory in the super G in Pyeongchang.

With more than 1,000 young Scottish people regularly taking part in curling, what advice do they have?

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