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It comes after European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said a deal can be reached by 31 October.

Political parties’ Facebook ad campaigns are gearing up ahead of any election, BBC News research reveals.

American Airlines say they stopped the flight over "concerns raised by a crew member and a passenger".

Rhys has epidermolysis bullosa, a painful, life-limiting condition that has left him unable to walk.

His debut is named album of the year, cementing a stellar year for the London-born rapper.

Doctors say the rules are "too cautious" for giving innovative medicines to children.

A study of patients taking the common antidepressant sertraline throws new light on how it works.

A BBC investigation has found that teenagers in care are being placed at risk of abuse while living in unregulated homes.

"Vulnerable" people are being fined over claims for free treatment at dentists and doctors, say MPs.

The troubled travel firm must find £200m in extra contingency funds before banks will agree a deal.

Canada's PM Justin Trudeau is dogged by revelations he wore blackface as he fights for a further term.

US media report that his comments to an unnamed foreign leader sparked a formal complaint.

Friday's front pages look at the possibility of a Brexit deal and Palace anger at David Cameron's revelations.

Families are being preyed on by Mexican cartels as they wait to cross the US border.

The museum, in London, will feature art exhibitions, plays, workshops and comedy nights.

Have you been paying attention to what's been going on over the past seven days?

The former Beatle speaks to Newsnight as he and his daughters release a book of family Polaroids.

The number of people attending marches and polls suggest support for independence is on the rise.

Australian PM Scott Morrison is only the second leader to receive a state dinner under President Trump.

The broadcaster thanked the Today team and listeners in his final edition of the BBC Radio 4 programme.

The National Trust for Scotland needs help to test the chainmail mesh around Charles Rennie Mackintosh's Hill House.

A motionless two-day-old female pup is rescued from the North Sea near the Farne Islands.

Yannis Philippakis says he can't play guitar, after a cousin accidentally sliced his hand open.

Britain's most-watched news channel, delivering breaking news and analysis all day, every day.

His Glastonbury set went viral, he has an acting sideline and other things you need to know about the south London rapper.

Why is there a court case over the Parliament shutdown, what are the arguments, and who decides who's right?

It is not only glitz and glamour in Los Angeles, which has a big homelessness problem. How has it happened?

As Friends turns 25, fans born after it started seem to love it just as much as their parents did.

The prime minister's racism mea culpa deals a heavy blow to his carefully cultivated political brand.

Iran's leaders may have hoped to persuade the US to lift its crippling sanctions, says Kasra Naji.

How hiring transgender models became viewed as not only acceptable but aspirational.

Big companies are offering internships via the internet, but are they a valuable experience?

The secret Nevada base, known as Area 51, is often the subject of alien conspiracy theories.

Delhi's chief minister says there's less harmful air pollution - is he right?

If the Queen is really that angry with David Cameron, why is Buckingham Palace's statement so muted?

The Scottish government has scrapped its named person scheme. What was it, and how did we get here?

The former prime minister has been asked whether he regrets calling a referendum

Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali led Tunisia for 23 years before stepping down amid mass street protests.

Ferrero, the maker of Nutella, buys a third of Turkey's hazelnuts. But some Turkish nuts have been picked by children

The UK's fashion industry is worth £32bn, so here's what it thinks about Brexit.

The world's top rugby union nations and expectant hosts Japan are set for the start of the "most open World Cup in a long time".

Teenager Mason Greenwood's first senior goal ensures Manchester United make a winning start to their Europa League campaign against Astana at Old Trafford.

Rangers pay the perfect tribute to late captain Fernando Ricksen by edging Feyenoord in their Europa League group opener at an emotional Ibrox.

Castleford end Warrington's season with a hard-fought elimination final victory against the Challenge Cup holders.

Arsenal's academy graduates impress to help the Gunners begin their Europa League campaign with a victory at Eintracht Frankfurt

Leury Garcia of the Chicago White Sox gets hit in the groin by Willians Astudillo of the Minnesota Twins as he returns to base.

Southampton goalkeeper Angus Gunn tells Craig Mitch how he did not recognise Gareth Southgate's voice when the England manager phoned to call him up to the senior squad.

The UK has committed to making all cars zero-emission by 2050. But what hurdles must be overcome?

Hinkley Point C, the UK's new nuclear power plant in Somerset, is due to open in 2025.

Your downloadable guide to the UK's energy system and why it must change to meet climate pledges.

At the age of 11, Tom Gregory became the youngest person ever to swim the English Channel.

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