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The former Brexit secretary is the latest MP to say he wants to succeed Theresa May.

Ten people have now died climbing the world's highest peak this season, amid reports of overcrowding.

Six children were taken to hospital after Friday's incident but two boys, aged 13 and 14, died.

The Border Force was alerted to a small boat travelling across the Channel at about 06:20 BST.

Andrew Moffat started the "No Outsiders" lessons at Parkfield Community School in Birmingham.

It is believed that the area was once-fertile land and a township stretching for 20 miles.

The South Korean director won the prestigious award for his dark comedy thriller, Parasite.

The chances of Moscow complying with the UN tribunal's ruling are thought to be minimal.

Rules in England making it easier to build extensions of up to 8m are being made permanent.

Musician Ten Tonnes said he could not get to the Neighbourhood Weekender festival with the delays.

South Africa's President Cyril Ramaphosa was inaugurated at an event which included a flypast and military parade.

Amanda Eller, 35, had not been seen since 8 May but was discovered by rescuers on Friday.

The actress denied dating Moby as a teenager, and called his behaviour "inappropriate".

Mel B says she hopes the sound quality will improve on the rest of their tour after Dublin show complaints.

Cllr Rakhia Ismail, from Islington, London, is thought to be the first UK mayor to wear a hijab.

We look at how the Scandinavian country is streets ahead of others when it comes to electric cars.

After weeks of chart battles and a bromance on social media, the two artists finally crossed paths.

A selection of the best news photographs from around the world, taken over the past week.

The BBC's Aaron Heslehurst explains how the microscope became a million dollar idea.

When Sam Clarke was 10 years old he was told by doctors that his kidneys would fail because of Alport syndrome.

The sound man who set up the podium for Theresa May's speech caused excitement on social media.

After a failed round of IVF, Della McGill and her partner entered a competition and won the ultimate life-changing prize.

Britain's most-watched news channel, delivering breaking news and analysis all day, every day.

Sydney has more ocean swimming pools than any other city - a product of "unique" historic factors.

As the pop icons return (minus Posh) for their Spiceworld tour - is Girl Power relevant or a 90s relic?

Parents and campaigners outside Anderton Park Primary give their views on the ongoing protests.

What are the challenges faced by fans trying to follow their teams from thousands of miles away?

Hippocrates described the classic signs centuries ago, so what else do we know about the ancient illness?

A picture gives a glimpse into the conditions facing climbers at the top of the world.

Steve Smith's century leads Australia to a 12-run victory over England in a World Cup warm-up in Southampton.

Ferrari are giving the impression they are set on staging a Formula 1 pantomime with their latest mistake in qualifying for Monaco, says Andrew Benson.

Steve Smith hits his first century for Australia since being banned for his part in the ball-tampering scandal to steer his side to a 12-run victory over England.

England women boss Phil Neville calls his team's friendly win over Denmark "messy" - and says it is partly down to camping with the Royal Marines.

Charles Leclerc demands answers from his Ferrari team after a strategic error results in him qualifying 15th for the Monaco Grand Prix.

Neil Lennon is offered the Celtic job less than an hour after guiding the club to a domestic treble treble.

Runners and riders in the Conservative leadership race after Theresa May says she will step down.

With Theresa May on her way out of Downing Street, a Tory leadership contest is beginning.

When Theresa May became prime minister in July 2016 she identified seven burning injustices.

With Theresa May announcing her departure, both No Deal and No Brexit are more likely.

The highs and lows of Theresa May's time in office, explained in six charts.

The first chicks to hatch at the Tower in decades are set for life with a landlord guardian.

Llansantffraid or Llansanffraid? A row over the letter t rumbles on after boundary recommendations.

NI artist Tony Currie says friends and family of Best approve of the bronze statue.

Watch as Southampton's Nathan Redmond is upended by a small goal during an England training session before their Nations League semi-final against the Netherlands.

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