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The announcement came after the US president met Kim Jong-un's right-hand man at the White House.

The duke was shaken after being freed from his Land Rover, an eyewitness to Thursday's crash says.

A man who allegedly killed his defence lawyer years after murdering his wife ends up killing himself.

The former Foreign Secretary says he didn't say anything about the country during the referendum.

Julia Sawalha, Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley pay their respects to their beloved co-star.

Betty Bienias said she was shocked to find out she was expecting triplets - two of which had been conceived naturally.

The country has just experienced five of its 10 warmest days on record, meteorologists say.

International trade secretary says other countries must "put the work in" ahead of possible no-deal Brexit.

Two-year-old Lauren Wade was "skinny, dirty and riddled with head lice" when she died in 2015, the court heard.

Alfie Lamb's death was "unnatural" and appeared to be "trauma related" a pathologist told a court.

Cameron Cole came out on last year's final series but says he gets abuse online and in person.

Roger Federer's son Lenny steals the show on court after the 20-time Grand Slam champion beats Taylor Fritz at the Australian Open.

Canada's town of Moose Jaw wants to win back the crown of having the world's tallest moose statue.

As the number of over-90s with driving licences continues to rise in the UK, are there any safety fears?

The head of Somerville College says octopus was served to the surprise of a new undergraduate.

Ten months after his arrest for drink driving, Ant McPartlin has rejoined Declan Donnelly at the auditions.

"We can have an awesome physique, without harming animals," bodybuilder Paul Kerton says.

The former Fifth Harmony star on how the pop machine nearly broke her - and how she fought back.

The Chinese video streaming service blurring earrings worn by male actors has sparked a debate online.

Kimberly Jeffries was already in the water when the huge shark swam up from the deep.

It's the weekly news quiz - have you been paying attention to what's been going on in the world during the past seven days?

Thousands of students skip school in Belgium to join a march demanding action on climate change.

The conflict is having a long-term impact on the lives of people even away from the battlegrounds.

The shark, believed to be one known as Deep Blue, weighs 2.5 tonnes and is nearly 20ft long.

A selection of photographs from around the African continent this week.

DIY SOS team help football fan Simon Dobbin after assault left him with life-changing injuries.

BBC coverage of latest developments

A new documentary sheds light on what allegedly went on behind the scenes at the disastrous Fyre Festival.

Millennials are increasingly doing jobs on the side, whether through love or necessity.

Trafficked into the sex industry after defecting from North Korea, two young women spent years in captivity.

Nick Bachelor, who has 41 spent convictions, explains why he went on the run for a TV reality show.

People started by showing how different they look after 10 years - now they're looking at the world.

The three men killed five people - including three members of the same family - to claim £300,000 in insurance.

The Chinese telecoms giant was the focus of international scrutiny even before a senior executive's arrest.

Theresa May is reaching out to other parties to get backing for a deal with the EU - but she still has to convince her own side.

Egypt is the first Arab country to authorise the sale of flibanserin - but how well is it going down?

Boris Johnson says the availability of workers from overseas has helped some big firms hold down wages. Is he right?

Cowdenbeath believe their Scottish Cup tie against Rangers could have gone ahead after it is postponed because of a frozen pitch.

Judd Trump beats world number one Mark Selby 6-2 to reach the Masters semi-finals.

Chris Woakes takes 3-31 in England's final warm-up match before the first Test against the West Indies.

Two years into a history-defying presidency, the BBC's Nick Bryant assesses how Donald Trump may be remembered.

Model Judith Heard hopes her story of sexual abuse will prompt other women to tell their stories - and to support one another.

He appeared to lead a typical suburban life - but he was secretly involved in international espionage.

Despite a clampdown on migration through the desert many are still prepared to make the deadly journey.

Jack Shepherd has been on the run for six months - what does an international manhunt involve?

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