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The health secretary wants action from the sites on underage use, bullying and screen-time limits.

At least 31 people queuing to register to vote die in a suicide attack in Kabul, officials say.

Britain's Mo Farah finishes third at the London Marathon in a new British record as Kenyan Eliud Kipchoge wins for a third time.

Ten years ago I tried to live without plastic for a month. A decade on, would it be easier or harder?

The actor, who also appeared on a number of TV shows, was admitted to hospital earlier this month.

Poet Benjamin Zephaniah is not convinced by promises of compensation for those affected by the scandal.

The departure of Carwyn Jones does not help the family of an ex-minister who died, a lawyer says.

Security services will get more powers to stop terror attacks, according to a leaked document.

The Olympic diver says the prospect of being a father has changed his perspective on life.

Ángel Gahona is gunned down on Facebook Live while reporting on a wave of anti-government protests.

Emily Goldberg wrote that during the two years they were together he was her "closest confidante".

Vigilance is needed to root out racial stereotyping which can lead to injustice says the Archbishop of York.

Tommy says hospital staff don’t always understand the needs of dementia patients.

Sunday's papers lead with demands on social media - and the anniversary of Stephen Lawrence's murder.

Each week, we publish a gallery of readers' pictures on a set theme. This week it is "holes".

A baby gorilla and centenarian pianist are among the stories you might have missed this week.

Is the lighting technique really about representing bisexual characters?

Mature trees at Ziarat in Balochistan are often thousands of years old, but many end up as firewood.

A Nasa flight analyst explains three things you need to know about going to Mars.

How one man is getting ordinary Palestinians and Israelis to talk peace with each other.

Armenia's president walks into a crowd of protesters to try to defuse a crisis about his predecessor.

BBC coverage of latest developments

For decades the BBC denied job applicants were vetted by MI5 - but vetting continued at the corporation until the 1990s.

Why mixing only with people who are similar to us means we could be missing out.

Patient's lives are being saved by poo, but how far can microbial medicine go?

Carwyn Jones lost his authority after a minister he sacked over conduct allegations killed himself.

Rachel Barrie is a rarity in the world of Scotch whisky - a female master blender.

Brazil's Odebrecht scandal is one of the biggest corporate corruption cases in history.

What happened in Salisbury has been disputed by Russian journalists.

Libby Page, author of The Lido, on why uplifting stories are needed right now.

The way Pyongyang's middle-class enjoy themselves is changing, but rural areas continue to miss out.

Live coverage of the finish line at the 2018 London Marathon - watch your loved ones as the complete the race!

Great Britain's wait to play in the Fed Cup World Group continues after they are beaten 3-2 by Japan in their promotion play-off.

Watch as David Weir wins a pulsating sprint finish to secure his eighth London Marathon wheelchair title.

Kenya's Vivian Cheruiyot wins the 2018 London Marathon but Paula Radcliffe's' mixed-gender' race world record remains intact.

Human cells make up only 43% of the body's total cell count, while the rest are microscopic colonists.

Strong desert winds have brought unwelcome spikey visitors to Victorville, California, US

Henry and Baloo's unlikely friendship captures hearts as the couple gain a large cult following.

Robbie has the mental age of a two-year-old and is normally quiet and withdrawn.

It was the game show everyone wanted to be on and these people actually made the cut.

The coach of the England netball team tells Newsbeat how one of her star players reacted to winning gold at the Commonwealth Games.

Sarah Sellers, a full-time nurse, shocks America by winning $75,000 second place prize.

Maisy's vet said "it was quite a feat" for a dog to swallow four full teddy bears.

Bobbie Gordon says she learned of the banana drama after being contacted by a fraud team.

Tammie Jo Shults, a US Navy veteran, exhibited "nerves of steel" during the emergency landing.

Chief executive Sergio Bucher says a new store, with a Nando's on site, is being used as a "test lab".

Four people share their experiences about being stabbed, what it felt like and what life has been like since.

Concerned WhatsApp users have been sharing a video reporting the start of nuclear war. It's not real.

Is the fusion of biology and technology speeding us towards a synthetic future?

An idyllic holiday resort on the banks of the Red Sea was a base for Israeli spies with a secret mission.

The former US First Lady never accepted a passive role, and campaigned for social justice.

John Corcoran graduated from university and became a teacher for 17 years - but he had an extraordinary secret.

How death row prisoner Susan Kigula studied law and changed Uganda's legal system.

When powerful women began talking about their experience of sexual abuse, it had an effect on some of the most powerless women in the UK.

Opioid addicts are turning to a clinic in Mexico to break their addiction with a treatment that's illegal in the US.

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