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Iraj Harirchi is placed under quarantine, as the country struggles to contain an outbreak.

Several schools send pupils and staff home after they return from skiing trips in the country.

Salman Abedi's brother Hashem denies murder, attempted murder and conspiring to cause explosions.

A report criticises the political establishment but finds no evidence of a "paedophile ring".

There are two "danger to life" warnings on the Severn and flood defences are likely to be breached.

Demonstrators try to block authorities from replacing overcrowded camps on Lesbos and Chios.

The Wikileaks co-founder was not to blame for unredacted files being published online, a court hears

The supermarket chain says it will need fewer members of staff as it makes changes to its larger stores.

He made the original design to help raise money for charity following the presenter's death

Milly and Toby Savill were on Greek Island Santorini when their hired buggy fell into a ravine.

The EU will follow this blueprint in talks, as UK ministers also agree their stance.

Farmers say allowing food imports that would be illegal to produce in the UK would be "morally bankrupt".

A Sunderland family among the thousands of people affected say they have been given no information.

A publican is using an ex-army truck to help get people in and out of a village cut off by floods.

Surrey Police hope the novel use of social media will help them track down suspected criminals.

More than two years after the movement went viral, has anything changed?

The designer of Tyson Fury’s boxing outfits says Deontay Wilder’s ring-walk costume wouldn’t have impacted the result of the fight.

Scotland Yard says it’s credible an ex-police spy had a relationship with a teenage campaigner.

Dennis Roy Cooper says he is "a bit surprised" as he is given the honour at a ceremony in Blandford.

Under, behind and above the scenes of the West End's newest blockbuster

The firm urges people to "try to be kind" after Tory minister's picture brews up a Twitter storm.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock says Britons returning from locked-down Italian towns must self-isolate.

Toxic fumes overcame a pilot landing at Heathrow in January. There's evidence that such events are not rare.

The centuries-old English tradition of Shrove Tuesday "football" matches is alive and kicking.

Italy is now the European country worst affected by coronavirus and 11 towns have been cordoned off.

From animals to humans, how did the deadly coronavirus make the leap? We look at the scientific evidence.

During a troublesome protest or tricky election, some countries just cut the online cord.

The film inspired by much more than Gareth Malone's famous BBC choir series.

About a million people in senior-level jobs work part time, according to official figures.

3D printing is meeting some of the ambitions touted when the technology emerged 20 years ago.

The right-wing government aims to instil national pride - but teachers criticise a new curriculum.

Six Nations organisers say they are "monitoring very closely" the coronavirus situation, with Italy's final two games potentially under threat.

Tyson Fury's promoter Frank Warren says if fans want to see a unification fight with Anthony Joshua "we will make it happen".

Britain's Adam Yates wins stage three of the UAE Tour and claims the leader's jersey after a solo breakaway.

Thailand face England in the Women's T20 World Cup on Wednesday, just 13 years after playing their first international match.

Josh Adams, the 2019 World Cup's top try scorer, is ruled out of the Six Nations by an ankle injury he picked up against France.

Football experts from around Europe give the continental view on Tuesday's Champions League last-16 ties, with Chelsea hosting Bayern Munich, and Barcelona visiting Napoli.

More and more new homes are needed to house a growing population - but where are they springing up?

BBC News meets a pressure group called London Yimby which thinks it has a solution to the housing crisis.

Your guide to housing in the UK and what can be done to satisfy the need for affordable and decent homes.

The judge said this was not a referendum on #MeToo. But at times, the trial felt like one.

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