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Theresa May says the post-Brexit transition could be extended "by a matter of months".

There's anger after the Brexit secretary suggests the choice will be simply "take it or leave it".

Almost half of users are under 35 and one in five is from a black or ethnic minority group - but why?

They say babies should only sleep in them temporarily, with cots and Moses baskets thought to be safer.

The artist confirms the canvas was supposed to shred in full, not just partially.

Netflix has announced an end point for the comedy drama, which has run since 2013.

Thousands of people lined the streets of Melbourne to greet the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Cannabis-users celebrated across Canada on the first day of marijuana legalisation in the country.

Jamal Khashoggi's column is published as search of the Saudi consulate in Istanbul continues.

More than £400,000 was owed across Wales at the end of last year, according to Welsh councils.

A BBC team is forced to leave as protests over a recent court ruling turn violent.

People complained that the branding, which has been in use for 60 years, was sexist.

The FBI and Wisconsin police are looking for 13-year-old Jayme Closs, whose parents were shot dead.

Many of the morning papers report on the possibility of the Brexit transition period being extended.

A lion cub in Sri Lanka was nursed by a dog after being rejected by his mother in a zoo.

Among the favourites are Stephen Hawking, Margaret Thatcher and war heroine Noor Inayat Khan.

Why you might start using this Chinese expression if you want to encourage someone.

From Nigeria to Afghanistan, tens of millions of mines remain buried around the world. How long will it take to clear them?

The Army Photographic Competition 2018 winners are revealed.

Footage from a store in Colorado shows the animal breaking into a snow-covered car.

How will designers tap into the Duchess of Sussex's global influence as the signs of pregnancy show?

A world record has been set for the longest parade of ice cream vans.

BBC coverage of latest developments

When Diane Reeve discovered that her partner was sleeping around she ended their relationship, but then she found out that he had given her HIV.

What having a severe nut allergy feels like and how navigating the daily risks affects your life.

The system is meant to "mimic the in-work experience" but campaigners say it creates problems.

A mother-of-four describes the torment she suffered at the hands of online trolls.

The weird and wonderful ways companies adapt their products to get around trade tariffs.

Healthcare is always ranked as a crucial issue by voters in these mid-terms - is the system really broken?

A deadly attack at a gig nine months ago has only made this band from the Central African Republic more determined.

The Trump-supporting right has a new favourite meme and they're trolling opponents far and wide.

Millions of tweets published by suspected state-linked accounts are made public by Twitter.

Hannah Jenkins survived a cycling accident - but woke up no longer being able to understand English.

Theresa May clashed with Jeremy Corbyn over Brexit - here are the key bits.

Gloucester number eight Ben Morgan is included in the England squad for the autumn Tests, but there is no place for fly-half Danny Cipriani.

England outclass Sri Lanka to win a rain-affected third one-day international and take a 2-0 series lead with two games left.

Usain Bolt's agent says the eight-time Olympic champion has turned down a two-year deal from Maltese champions Valletta FC.

British cruiserweight Tony Bellew says he has faced five doping tests in seven weeks and is frustrated with the system.

World number one Simona Halep withdraws from the WTA Finals in Singapore because of a lower back injury.

Katy Daley-Mclean is in line for the one cap she needs to reach 100 for England after being named in a squad of 28 for the autumn internationals.

A BBC investigation has found that at least 106 chemical attacks have taken place since mid-2014.

Every time the North Korean leader makes the news, two very unlikely beneficiaries prepare for their phones to start ringing.

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