FlexiPages provide a means to add itemised content to a website. Think of things like News, Job Vacancies, Items for Sale or Notices. These are categories that contain items that come and go, sometimes these might be date dependent.

A typical application might be news items where a summary link can be created and positioned on the home page. This link leads to a page showing more details of that news item.

At the time the news item is created a start and end date can be identified and the item will automatically appear and disappear from the site at the identified date. In the case of news, the item can be retained but automatically moved into an "archive" area  

An "item" can consist of any combination of text and graphics and can be located anywhere on the website.

Display and archive time controlled information

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  • Simple menu driven administration screen
  • Multiple items per page
  • Individual items can include both text and graphics
  • Start and end date for item display
  • Automatic archiving of out of date items
  • Ability to search items by keyword terms


  Content Management
Flexible  Customisable Easy to Use