Flexiweb Features

Feature List:
  • Online content management interface carrying your own branding
  • Secure login for developer and users
  • Generates standard XHTML code (strict or transitional)
  • MySQL database functionality
  • Online help guide 
  • Easy configuration of FTP settings for publish routine
  • Website Preview and Publish options
  • Support for both Site URL and SSL URL
  • On-screen reporting of publish progress
  • Centre / Left justify site options
  • Host anywhere capability
  • Support for site specific SMTP configuration 
  • Remote hosting
  • Total design flexibility
  • Full CSS support for styling and positioning
  • Ability to quickly import Photoshop designs
  • Range of basic site templates for rapid site creation
  • Support for flash, movies and sound
  • Create, update and delete site options
  • Unlimited numbers of pages and menus
  • Add / amend / delete pages
  • Optional page editor selection
  • WYSYWG page editor
  • HTML Page Title, Keyword and description tags per page 
  • Ability to select graphical elements and menus per page 
  • Page head tags & onload function per page 
  • Optional content management user types 
  • User database including content management and registered users 
  • Horizontal or vertical menu orientation 
  • Sub-menus with drop-down, expanding and fly-out actions 
  • Wide range of menu styling options including buttons and rollover effects 
  • Tickbox functionality module selection 
  • Wide range of “bolt-on” functionality modules
  • Custom code or 3rd party database integration
  • Access to a range of outsourced development services and contracted website support

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