Frequently Asked Questions

The FAQ module allows common questions to be displayed on a website along with the answers.

The module can also be configured so that site visitors can submit their own questions. These are routed to a designated individual within your business and this person then provide an answer by email and decide whether the question and answer should be added permanently to the website.

Easy to manage frequently asked questions page Ľ

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  • Simple menu driven creation of questions and answers
  • Automatic linking of question to answer
  • Question submission by visitor (option)
Q. Can a template based website have a bespoke design applied at a later stage?
Q. What is a domain name?
Q. Iíve heard that websites can include email addresses. Is this correct?
Q. What aspects of a template can be customised?
Q. Can the various functionality modules be added to my website at a later stage?
Q. Are websites developed using Flexiweb search engine friendly?
Q. Will I be able to update the website myself?
Q. Will I be able to get support in the future if I need to make changes to my website?
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