Flexiweb Benefits

Flexiweb is a unique website development and content management platform that provides a highly cost-effective solution designed to make it easy to convert a website design into a working XHTML website, quickly and easily. This makes it particularly attractive for graphic designers who lack the coding skills needed to build the highly interactive website solutions that clients are increasingly expecting.

By reducing both website development and website management costs, Flexiweb provides designers and developers with a superb platform that allows them to take maximum advantage of the opportunity offered by the website marketplace.

Some of the key benefits provided by Flexiweb include:

Branded Interface

Flexiweb can be fully branded to reflect your own corporate identity. As a result, clients accessing the content management platform will never know that it is provided by a 3rd party. This will improve both your credibility and your ability to maximise profits by providing an added-value service.

Ease of us

Flexiweb is very easy to use and requires little or no coding skills/knowledge to produce highly professional websites.

Rapid Site Creation 

New websites can be created within seconds, without the need for complex download and setup processes. Furthermore the Flexiweb import process allows websites to be automatically created based on a design produced in packages like Photoshop etc.

Design Flexibility

Flexiweb doesn't impose any constraints upon your design creativity.

Interactive Functionality

Our extensive and growing range of functionality allows you to easily add powerful interactive functionality to your website. Examples include online stores, subscription and contact databases, customised enquiry forms and email newsletters.

Search Engine Friendly

The Flexiweb platform generates search engine friendly code and allows individual pages to be optimised effectively.

Multiple Website Management

Your single branded Flexiweb interface allows you to efficiently manage multiple websites. This makes it easy for you to provide excellent customer service whilst generating valuable on-going revenue streams from website updates etc.

Online Content Management

Clients increasingly demand the ability to update the website themselves and Flexiweb's flexible online content management capability allows you to provide the level of access that suits both you and the client best. Your clients will find the site update tool very easy to use and they can update their website from anywhere in the world provided they have internet access.

Centrally Managed Code 

The architecture of Flexiweb allows Flex4 to manage the code centrally which means your clients can benefit immediately from our ongoing development program. This approach also frees you from any concerns about having to manage updates yourself. 

Access to Services

We recognise that many developers need access to additional resources and skills. To complement Flexiweb we have developed a wide and flexible range of services that you can use whenever you need an extra pair of helping hands. Training (both classroom and online) is available, along with email and telephone support.

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