The Album module allows multiple "albums" to be created and displayed on a page. Each album can contain multiple photographs taken at an event such as a wedding, party or disco. Once an album has been selected, a range of thumbnail images is displayed and, by clicking one of these, a larger version of the image is presented. The visitor can then scroll through all of the photo's in that album one at a time.

An example album is shown below and in this case the album is display only, however the Album module can be configured so that individual albums are password protected and the images can be offered for sale and purchased through a secure Paypal payment gateway.


  • Allows image collections to be displayed or sold online.
  • Individual "albums" can be password protected.
  • Ability to browse through individual images within an "album".
  • Display of both thumbnail and zoom images.
  • Zoom image include reference number or description.
  • Display of price, size, colour and quantity.
  • Support for multiple size and colour options.
  • Add to Cart and View Cart buttons.
  • Secure payment gateway using either Paypal, NoChex or SagePay.
  • Menu driven administration module.  
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